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Christmas presents!

26 Dec

Christmas is a time to be spoilt, to indulge and to celebrate of course! I love getting presents and letting my imagination run wild when I see a wrapped box with my name on it. Also, the thought of them knowing me so well makes me feel loved and special. My Christmas day was filled with laughter, gathering of friends and family, eating yummy food, plenty of shopping and of course plenty of hugs.

Here are the presents that I got from these amazing people.

From one of my best friends I got a Michipedia fashion book with gorgeous illustrations and funny definitions of fashion-esque words.


From another one of my best friend, a Peter Alexander funny bunny pyjamas (Peter Alexander is a GENIUS)

And guess what!! a Peter Alexander funny bunny slippers from my other best friend as well!! I guess I do remind them of a bunny after all…From my lovely group of friends, I got a packet of Guylian chocolates. (these just melt in your mouth! amazing!)

From my lovely little sister I got a Peter Alexander 3 little pigs pyjama set and a Kimmidoll keychain

From my very adorable boyfriend, I got a spa indulgence voucher and of course a love letter :)

and lastly, from my wonderful mom, I got the bag of my dreams…


Chanel classic flap bag

It’s been 3 years since I’ve wanted this classic bag and I finally got it.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family for the gifts and for the abundance of food!



Christmas eve wishlist

24 Dec

I love how Christmas is all about festivity and celebration. ¬†Growing up in a tropical country however, I’ve never had a white Christmas. When I was younger, Christmas was about opening presents and decorating the Christmas tree. Now that I’ve grown, Christmas is all about family and friends gathering around the dinner table, having fabulous conversations and sipping champagne at the same time. ¬†In embodiment of this season, here’s a few items that shows just that!


Data ettinger chelsea ring to dazzle everyone

New years tweed dress to turn heads

Swarovski USB Pearly Red to keep memories of the night

Midas tree lamp to light up the room

Tiffany & Co. Blue box charm because every girl wants one

A Madeline book for childhood memories

Swarovski Mathilde pendant for the bunny in me

Zu Isabella peep-toe heels for perfectly pedicured toes



21 Dec

During my trip to LA, my cousin took me to a wonderful place called Bottega Louie! Besides their amazing salads and sandwiches, they are dessert kings! With colorful displays of macaroons, scrumptious looking cakes and pastries and home-made products, this bottega is fast becoming a favorite of mine!


bottega louie macaroons

cakes display

check out their blog at


these flats are made for walking!

2 Dec

It just dawned on me how hard it is to find the perfect flats. Either you have small and wide feet like my sister’s, long and narrow like mine or short toes or long toes, its hard to find one that suits what you want, and flatters your feet. Ideally, you want one where the leather won’t stretch out to the side or show your toe cleavage, and covers the sides of your feet. Nevertheless, I love flats. While heels makes us more elegant in a sexy, grown-uppy kind of way, whether plain or embellished, I think flats are versatile, comfortable and cute!

  1. Witchery Cindy ballet flats
  2. Kate Spade Flash flats
  3. Miu-Miu bow patent flats
  4. Witchery Tara flats
  5. Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats
  6. Wittner PCAP lace flats
  7. Tory Burch Prescot woven flats
  8. Kate Spade Abbie Flats
  9. YSL Tuxedo Satin flats
  10. Kate Spade Nicolina flats
  11. Tory Burch Reva glitter flats