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sketch: Chanel haute couture

10 Feb





9 Feb

  1. Hermes Eau Des Merveilles Eau de Toilette ($108.00)
  2. Kikki K. Recipe Book ($39.95)
  3. A bouquet of flower
  4. “A Perfectly Kept House is a Sign of…” book ($34.65)
  5. Cole Haan Genevieve make up bag ($81.59)
  6. Anthropologie Centrepiece ring ($58.00)
  7. Kashmere wine cashmere fringe throw ($106.24)
  8. Ombre Gardenia Pillow by Anthropologie ($128.00)
  9. Caprice Blouse ($88.00)


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

7 Feb

For those who are single, Valentine’s day can still be fun. Celebrate it with those you love- your girlfriends! Here’s a gift guide for the one who has everything, for under $50!


  1. Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters by Marilyn Monroe ($30)
  2. Swirl Clamp by Topshop (£12.50)
  3. Pretty homemade cupcakes (get the recipe here)
  4. Petite Pinched Vase by Anthropologie ($14)
  5. Amazing Grace shower gel by Philosophy ($49)
  6. Sweetheart photo card by Kikki K. ($4.95)
  7. Me & You Pillow Cover by Urban Outfitters ($34)
  8. Pearl headband by Forever 21 ($4.80)
  9. Stone Encrusted Hoop earrings by Alex Perry for Diva ($16.99)
  10. La Vie En Rose nail polish collection by Mecca Cosmetica ($22 each)




3 Feb

Ruled by Mercury, Geminis are witty, creative and charming. Just like the sign, Gemini people often have traits that are opposites of each other. Positive but melancholic, or quiet but opinionated. In fashion, Geminis are attracted towards classic styles with a twist, or juxtaposing opposing styles such as girly and tailored. Interesting patterns and shapes attract Gemini as they are the personification of mystery and intrigue.

Here’s some outfits I put together for the Geminis!

  1. Joseph metallic knit cardigan
  2. Herve Lager geometric bandage dress
  3. Aurelie Biederman snake cuff
  4. Colette studded clutch
  5. Gucci coral Hollywood pumps

  1. Colette silver cuff
  2. Alex Monroe silver feather earrings
  3. Country Road basic seamless tank
  4. Topshop pink chiffon blazer
  5. Chloe paraty bag
  6. Haute Hippie sequined skirt
  7. Lanvin satin ballerina flats

  1. Alexander McQueen knuckle duster clutch
  2. Diva leaves cuff
  3. Topshop bird over stone ring
  4. Malene Birger ‘Malpensa’ silk chiffon maxi dress
  5. Miu Miu pleated twill trench
  6. Boutique 9 ‘Girlie’ satin pumps

  1. J-Crew sequined silk chiffon jacket
  2. Paul & Joe ‘ Tita’ two toned playsuit
  3. Monica Vinader amethyst stud earrings
  4. Forever 21 teardrop necklace
  5. Mimco signature turnlock zip top bag
  6. Zu shoes Utopia sandal


29 Jan

There is no doubt that Blair Waldorf created a worldwide craze for the long forgotten headband.

I personally have never been a fan because I’ve always thought that my head has a funny shape. But for me, the trick is to have thinner bands and simple embellishment. Personally, I think the rounder your head is shaped, the thicker the band should be.

I found these 3 headbands that I absolutely adore from Equip!


Princess Headband- Equip

Princess headband- Equip

Pretty Flowers- Equip

Pretty Flowers- Equip

Gorgeous- Equip

Gorgeous- Equip

leopard prints

26 Jan

My grandma, absolutely ADORES leopard prints. However, my grandma- being someone who wears hot pink lipstick and diamond studded glasses- can pull anything off with her gorgeousness! Inspired by her bold look, here’s a few leopard items that suits everyone whether you are bold and daring or sweet and girly.

  1. Forever 21 sunglasses
  2. Topshop snood
  3. Forever 21 bra top
  4. Topshop layered cami
  5. Aegean Apparel plush short robe
  6. DVF Leni tote bag
  7. Matthew Williamson dress
  8. Mulberry Shrunken Alexa bag
  9. Giuseppe Zanotti heels

Mary Kate Olsen

Blake Lively on Gossip Girl set

Gwen Stefani

flower dreams

12 Jan

Living in Melbourne, I always get stuck with stormy days. Although some people complain about rainy days, a few days of rain is perfect for me to snuggle up at home in my favorite layers with a cup of chamomile tea and I’ll sketch away.

Inspired by a dream I had about running in flower fields, I decided to sketch a full collection!

Flower Field painting by Jack Riddle