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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

7 Feb

For those who are single, Valentine’s day can still be fun. Celebrate it with those you love- your girlfriends! Here’s a gift guide for the one who has everything, for under $50!


  1. Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters by Marilyn Monroe ($30)
  2. Swirl Clamp by Topshop (£12.50)
  3. Pretty homemade cupcakes (get the recipe here)
  4. Petite Pinched Vase by Anthropologie ($14)
  5. Amazing Grace shower gel by Philosophy ($49)
  6. Sweetheart photo card by Kikki K. ($4.95)
  7. Me & You Pillow Cover by Urban Outfitters ($34)
  8. Pearl headband by Forever 21 ($4.80)
  9. Stone Encrusted Hoop earrings by Alex Perry for Diva ($16.99)
  10. La Vie En Rose nail polish collection by Mecca Cosmetica ($22 each)




Christmas presents!

26 Dec

Christmas is a time to be spoilt, to indulge and to celebrate of course! I love getting presents and letting my imagination run wild when I see a wrapped box with my name on it. Also, the thought of them knowing me so well makes me feel loved and special. My Christmas day was filled with laughter, gathering of friends and family, eating yummy food, plenty of shopping and of course plenty of hugs.

Here are the presents that I got from these amazing people.

From one of my best friends I got a Michipedia fashion book with gorgeous illustrations and funny definitions of fashion-esque words.


From another one of my best friend, a Peter Alexander funny bunny pyjamas (Peter Alexander is a GENIUS)

And guess what!! a Peter Alexander funny bunny slippers from my other best friend as well!! I guess I do remind them of a bunny after all…From my lovely group of friends, I got a packet of Guylian chocolates. (these just melt in your mouth! amazing!)

From my lovely little sister I got a Peter Alexander 3 little pigs pyjama set and a Kimmidoll keychain

From my very adorable boyfriend, I got a spa indulgence voucher and of course a love letter :)

and lastly, from my wonderful mom, I got the bag of my dreams…


Chanel classic flap bag

It’s been 3 years since I’ve wanted this classic bag and I finally got it.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family for the gifts and for the abundance of food!



21 Dec

During my trip to LA, my cousin took me to a wonderful place called Bottega Louie! Besides their amazing salads and sandwiches, they are dessert kings! With colorful displays of macaroons, scrumptious looking cakes and pastries and home-made products, this bottega is fast becoming a favorite of mine!


bottega louie macaroons

cakes display

check out their blog at


sunny ridge farm!!

20 Nov

girly outtings are always so much fun! a bunch of friends and i went out to Sunny Ridge strawberry farm to enjoy the long drive, girly chats and of course ate delicious fruits!!

strawberry chocolate dip!

strawberry temptation

strawberry knickerboker

strawberry brandy snaps

scones with strawberry jam & cream

flourless chocolate cake

strawberry coated chocolates

of course we had to take pictures of ourselves!!

my lovely ones

more lovelies :)

lovely people + lovely fruits = fun fun trip!


lunch at Movida Aqui

19 Nov

had a lovely lunch with my friends in the city!  the food was amazinggg i would return there anytime!

credits to Bee & her camera for the pics ;)

Movida Aqui




bocadillo de calamares

pato de pera

romesco de peix

me & bee!

wahyudi & me


yummy yummy brownies!

18 Nov

i love brownies because they are yummy! they’re like a cross between a chocolate bar and a cake… its a bit confused but they are delicious :)

so here’s an attempt to make one which turned out extremely yummy!

first you melt 30g chocolate 30g butter…

chop as much pecan as you want!

mix together the chocolate & pecans with 1/4 cup flour, 20g sugar, pinch of salt and an egg (of course!)

bake the mixture for 20-25 minutes on 180degrees oven

brownies are done! voila!


these brownies are best eaten with ice cream, a movie and someone to snuggle with :)